RAFA Social Activities and Events

Throughout the year  RAFA is organizing several activities and events to promote Romanian culture, language and tradition as well as to strengthen the ties among Romanians in Colorado. Some of these events have a charitable focus aiming to increase funds to support various causes in Romania. Others are simply aiming to create a stronger sense of community and belonging by engaging Romanians as well as other nationalities and cultures in conversations grounded in a rich eastern european history, language and culture.

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Adrian Ionescu’s place

A Romanian tradition celebrating the Beginning of Spring on March 1st. Different legends about this tradition circulate in different regions of Romania. The word Martisor is a diminutive of the name of the month “March” and it literally means “little March.” Martisor is an small object tied to a red and white string that is offered to others on March 1st. It is believed that the person who wear the “martisor”will have a healthy and prosperous year.

Every year a social event, potluck style, is organized by RAFA to acknowledge and celebrate this important Romanian tradition. The dates will  vary depending on when March 1st falls each year. In 2019, the “Martisor” party took place on March 2nd at Mr. Adrian Ionescu’s place in Lakewood, Co. Stay tuned for next year details!


March 1, 2020
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2370 Iris St. Lakewood

RAFA invites everyone who would like to dance, eat, socialize in Romanian style & fashion to participate in its bi-annual Spring and Fall fundraiser events.  

The next party is generously hosted May 18th, 2020 by RAFA at Mr. Adrian Ionescu's house, beautiful garden and rustic terrace.

Come sit by the fire, experience live Romanian folk dances and taste traditional Romanian foods while meeting people in a relaxed, informal but warm atmosphere. Offer your support to our nonprofit organization (RAFA), to accomplish its charitable mission by raising funds intended to help poor (disadvantaged) families survive, provide supplies to village schools, feed orphans or help medically challenged persons in Romania and Moldova.  

Bring a friend, be ready for fun!

Spring and Fall Fundraiser Events

May 18, 2020
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Belmar Plaza, 7260 W Alaska Dr, Lakewood, CO 80226

RAFA’s main fundraiser event is the annual Romanian festival. The festival was held for almost 20 years in down-town Boulder on Pearl Street. RAFA has secured a new venue for the 2019 edition. In addition to fundraising, the festival promotes a sense of unity and togetherness for the Romanian community in CO, as well as educating the local communities about Romanian culture through ethnic cuisine, traditional folk music, dances and art, traditional costumes and other traditions.

The festival is free and open to the general public in addition to the Romanian community. It is typically organized in early Fall, either in August or September, right after school starts and when most summer activities are wrapped up. It takes place usually on one day, either a Saturday or a Sunday for about 7-9 hours. You can expect traditional Romanian atmosphere including traditional Romanian dishes, traditional music, folk dance performances by local folk-dance groups as well as informational booths about Romania’s rich history and culture.

Romanian Festival

October 12, 2019
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Reception at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Reception at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art,followed by Romanian party at RAFA’s official address: 2370 Iris St., Lakewood, CO 80215 from 6:00pm-11:00pm.

Romania National Day Celebration

November 30, 2019

We are a Romanian charity organization helping a wide range of groups in need in Romania.

Families Helped
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