Romanian American

Freedom Alliance

The Romanian-American Freedom Alliance, RAFA, is a non-profit organization established in Colorado in 1990 for educational, civic, cultural, and charitable purposes. RAFA is organized and run by volunteers and often organizes fundraisers for the purpose of providing material support to the people in need in Romania, primarily children and elderly. This support is dispensed by RAFA officers, typically twice a year, or as needed.

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RAFA Events
Throughout the year  RAFA is organizing several activities and events to promote Romanian culture, language and tradition as well as to strengthen the ties among Romanians in Colorado. Some of these events have a charitable focus aiming to increase funds to support various causes in Romania. Others are simply aiming to create a stronger sense of community and belonging by engaging Romanians as well as other nationalities and cultures in conversations grounded in a rich eastern european history, language and culture.
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100% of your money brings hope to people in need.

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