Using the money we raised in 2013, RAFA will make donations of over $2,000 to five charitable causes.

1) Anita Ionescu

This case, submitted by Lavinia for Ileana Barbu. Anita is deaf and dumb, the sole caretaker for her 85-year old mother who became bed-ridden three years ago after a fall. Working on contract as a schoolbook illustrator, Anita has a small, irregular income. See attached photos. Award: $500.

2) The Stolnici Elementary School

Submitted by Lavinia in the past and helped by RAFA with school supplies in 2012.  Award: $500.

3) The orphanage Sf Ierarh Leontie

This orphanage serves over 100 children together with a free medical clinic for the elderly, under the aegis of Arhimandrite Iustin Dragomir, abbot of the Bogdana Monastery in Rădăuţi. Submitted by Father Nichitean. Information can be found on line at and

4) Adrian Sturzu

This case was submitted by Magda Abdel-Jabbar. Adrian is an outstanding, extremely modest 3rd year medical student at the Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, unable to find work to pay for living expenses and books. He stays in Piteşti with his elderly, ill parents who are themselves barely able to meet their medical needs and commutes to Bucharest for classes. Award: $500.

5) Continued assistance for the orphanage at Valea Plopului.

Proposed award: $4,500 from the funds Adrian raised at his parties plus an additional $500 from RAFA.